24 Nov

WW1 postcards sent home from Egypt.

Throughout the course of the research conducted into the book Murphy’s War we gathered many illustrated WW1 vintage postcards sent to family and friends from soldiers abroad. At the time during WW1, the postcards such as the ones seen below had an everyday role as the most common form of communication between the men serving abroad and their family or loved ones back home. Along with letters, postcards were the main means of communicating from abroad as well as one of the cheapest.

12 Nov

Women of the home front during & after World War 1

‘The unprecedented scale of the trauma of loss and sorrow left an enduring legacy on those who remained to absorb the impact of individual and national tragedy’. – Joy Damousi

What follows is a brief portrait of the women who reared, sustained and supported the ten soldiers from our book, before and after the Great War. These women remained on the home front during the war however there were many women who went abroad to act as nurses in world war 1’s major theatres of conflict such as Gallipoli, France & Belgium. In the wake of the monumental changes which swept society during the war, women were able to take up professions such as teaching, from which they’d previously been excluded.