Australian Great War Centenary Resources

Australian Great War Centenary Exhibitions

Horsham Regional Library Exhibition:“The Wimmera & The Great War”

Summary:‘”The Wimmera and The Great War” records, memorialises and celebrates over 115 servicemen and women and the communities that supported them. This sample of our regions participation is a starting point for us all to reflect on family, community, and service over the coming four years as we mark the centenary of The Great War’.

29 August-23 November 2014 HRAG Jubilee Hall 21 Roberts Avenue, Horsham

The Melbourne Museum WW1 Centenary Exhibition: The war that changed the world.

Summary: ‘One hundred years after the first shots of the First World War were fired, treasured artefacts from the famed Imperial War Museums (IWM) are leaving London for the first time and will be displayed at Melbourne Museum using the latest modern exhibition technology’.

From 18 April 2015. The Melbourne Museum.

The Shrine of Remembrance Exhibition: Records of War

Summary: ‘Since the First World War (1914-18) Australia has shown commitment and vision in collecting and preserving records of war to commemorate the service and sacrifice of Australians at war.’ This is an exhibition that displays those records.

11 November 2014 – 11 November 2015 The Shrine of Remembrance, Melbourne

Royal Historical Society of Victoria Exhibition: The Australian Red Cross in The Great War.

Summary:‘The exhibition contains striking images, most on display for the first time, conveying the nerve-centre of the Australian Red Cross in Melbourne, remarkable fund-raising in Victoria and compassionate projects at home and abroad.’

8 August 2014 – 12 December 2014 Royal Historical Society of Victoria, 
239 A’Beckett Street, 

Australian Great War Television Series

The War That Changed Us

‘The War That Changed Us is a four-part dramatised television series produced by Electric Pictures for ABC prime time television. The series tells the epic story of Australia’s involvement in World War I, through the lives of five Australians. Their transformative journeys through conflict on the war front and the home front will be brought to life through a blend of personal testimony, drama, expert analysis, location filming and archive.’

Aired on Tuesday 9 Sep 2014

The Anzac Girls

‘This is a six part series based on the book The Other Anzacs by Peter Rees, focusing on five military nurses from Cairo to Gallipoli and the Western Front.’

Aired on Saturday 20 Sep 2014

Great War Horses

‘The horses used by Australia’s military in World War I were popularly known as ‘Walers’. Bred for Australia’s tough conditions, they were the backbone of the Australian light horse regiments. Great War Horses follows the pivotal role the Australian light horse regiments were to play in winning the Middle East. 135,000 Australian great war horses never saw home again. Great War Horses is a powerful, moving testament to the animals that were sacrificed in war, featuring a variety of voices, from leading war historians to horse experts, to the descendants of the men who served.’

Waves of Anzac Cove

‘Sam Neill explores the Anzac century, beginning with his own family’s long involvement in wars, and discovers how the Anzac story continues to capture the hearts of two countries a hundred years on from Gallipoli.’

Australian Great War Films

Gallipoli – Directed by Peter Weir

This is a portrait of Australian soldiers in the historical settings of ‘Western Australia in the 1910s, first world war army training camps in Egypt and trench warfare at the Nek in Turkey.’

The Lighthorsemen – Directed by Simon Wincer

‘The Lighthorsemen is a 1987 Australian feature film about the men of a World War I light horse unit involved in Sinai and Palestine Campaign’s 1917 Battle of Beersheeba. The film is based on a true story and most of the characters in the film were based on real people.’

Beneath Hill 60 – Directed by Jeremy Sims

This is a film directed by Jeremy Sims and written by David Roach. ‘Set during World War I, the film tells the story of the 1st Australian Tunnelling Company’s effort to mine beneath a German bunker and detonate an explosive charge to aid the advance of British troops.[2] The screenplay is based on an account of the ordeal written by Captain Oliver Woodward,[3] who is portrayed by Brendan Cowell in the film’.

The Water Diviner – Directed by Russell Crowe

New film in cinemas 26th December 2014, directed by and starring Russell Crowe. This film follows the journey of a father who travels to Turkey following WW1 in search of his three sons presumed killed during the Gallipoli campaign.