24 Nov

WW1 vintage postcards sent from France to Australia.

Woven or embroidered silk postcards became a very popular means of communication for soldiers stationed in France during WW1. These silk and embroidered postcards were first produced to a high standard on machines in Germany in 1898. By 1900 embroidered silk postcards were made available en mass for the Paris Exposition also known as The Exposition Universelle.
Remember Me

A happy birthday

A Loving Kiss

With the war bringing so many foreign troops to France, many local French saw an opportunity to tap into a newly formed demand for postcards. By 1915 a cottage industry had appeared to meet demand from the troops and French women were employed to hand embroider images on strips of silk mesh. Most of the hand embroidery was done in the homes of local women before being sent to the factories for cutting and mounting on postcards. It was estimated that between 1915 and 1919, these assembly lines produced close to 10 million hand made cards.

Christmas Greetings

Coat of Arms

Five Flags

For auld lang syne

Forget me not

Merry Christmas